Our Story

In 1976, the workshop was founded in the mountain village of Mendenitsa, Lokrida traditional local products from the PAPADIMA family. With a lot of love and passion, pasta and Roumeli confectionery products were prepared using pure raw materials from local producers. From then until today, the products are produced with the same care to offer the consumer the best for his diet.

In 1987 we opened the second workshop just outside Lamia Megali
production capacity with state-of-the-art machines expanding the range of products. Responding to modern dietary trends, we produce wholemeal pasta and vegetable pasta (without eggs and milk).

Always using selected raw materials, we produce noodles – trachana – loukoumia – soutzoukia – melokarkida – loukoumi with waffle – pastels – halva soap – pastelia – kourabiedes – melomakarona.
Our company’s philosophy is to produce products with 100% pure raw materials, without dyes, without preservatives and additional chemicals. We produce homemade products as prepared by mom and grandma in the villages.


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