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Welcome to the website – e-shop of traditional Papadima products (www.papadimasz.gr).

Our online store offers for sale handmade candies and pasta from our laboratory. Our goal is the easy and fast search of the products you are looking for and this is achieved through the detailed categorization and description of the products. We are of course at your disposal for any clarification or question regarding our products.

The right holder of this website is the company with the name ‘PAPADIMAS’ based in the village of Mendenitsa Fth/das PC 35100, Greece AFM 043394600 based in Lamia.




The visitor / user of the pages and services of our website must carefully read the terms of use and the terms of service that follow before visiting or using our pages and services and in case of disagreement must not use them or can contact us through the “Contact” section. Otherwise, it is presumed that he accepts them and gives his consent. The following terms of use apply to all content and what is generally included on the pages of our website.

You should visit the website regularly to keep track of any changes to the terms and conditions. Our company reserves the right to modify, renew, add or delete the terms and conditions of use, and users / visitors must always check for possible changes and if they continue to use will be considered as your acceptance of such changes, amendments, additions or deletions. Otherwise, they must refrain from using / visiting our website. The company also reserves the right at any time, unjustifiably and without prior notice to terminate the operation of the website.



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Exceptionally, the individual storage and copying of parts of the content on a simple personal computer is allowed for strictly personal use, without the intention of commercial or other exploitation and always under the condition of indicating its source, without this meaning in any way granting rights intellectual property.

Everything else included on the websites of our website and constituted registered trademarks and copyrighted products of third parties falls within their own sphere of responsibility and has nothing to do with our website.



The visitor / user of our website must, on the one hand, comply with the rules and provisions of Greek, European and International Law and the relevant legislation governing telecommunications, and on the other hand refrain from any illegal and abusive use of the content and services. of our website. He must also behave politely, politely and discreetly during his visit and use of our Website, while the adoption of unfair competition practices or others that are against the NETIQUETTE (Internet User Code of Conduct) is expressly prohibited. Any damage caused to our website or network in general resulting from the misuse or improper use of the relevant services by the user / visitor falls within the scope of his sole responsibility. By accessing this website you agree to accept the rights of the beneficiary and consequently any act, omission or tolerance entails the penalties provided by law.

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You are not allowed to violate any part of the services, to cause dissatisfaction to other users, to send advertising or promotional material and in general to try to influence the functionality of the website.

We provide limited access and personal use of this website and any modification of any part is not permitted without our written consent.

In addition, any receipt or copying of account information for the benefit of another merchant is not permitted.



We have made every effort to ensure a realistic and accurate photographic representation of the majority of our products, however, the photographs may differ from the actual condition, form and image of the products. In addition, photos may contain information and data that does not correspond to the most recent display of the products as they have been photographed in a previous state.

We do not invoke or warrant the accuracy or reliability of any information or content relating to the raw materials, products or services contained in this website.

The company in no way guarantees the uninterrupted and error-free provision of its services and content, nor even the lack of “viruses”, whether it is its website or another site server through which you receive its content.

The beneficiary is therefore not liable in any way for any special damages or costs or penalties, damages or lost profits, direct or indirect damages and any claims of third parties arising from the use of its website, whether or not the company was informed, knew or should have known of this possibility.



To facilitate your access to its website, the company may include links to Internet sites, which are owned by third parties or managed by third parties (natural or legal persons) and are responsible for their content as well as for them. terms of protection of personal data that they follow and in no case is the company responsible.

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All transactions you make through our company are governed and protected by International and European law and the relevant International provisions, which regulate issues related to electronic commerce (Directive 2000/31 / EC, Presidential Decree 131/2003) as well as by the Law on Consumer Protection (Law 2251/1994) that regulates issues related to distance selling, as supplemented by the K.Y.A. Ζ1-891 / 13-8-2013 (Government Gazette B ‘2144 / 30-08-2013). They are also interpreted on the basis of the rules of good faith, transactional ethics and the economic and social purpose of the right.



Our company is committed to collecting and processing your personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 concerning the protection of individuals against data processing. personal data and the free movement of this data and the repeal of Directive 95/46 / EC (GDPR), Law 4624/2019 (Government Gazette 137 / A ‘/ 29.08.2019) as well as any secondary law / opinions / decisions that have issued by the Personal Protection Authority and relevant legislation.


1. What personal data may be processed?

Our company, acting as the person in charge of processing, collects, keeps and processes your personal data that you yourself disclose to us or have already disclosed to us in your capacity as traders, either as customers of our physical store or as visitors and users of its services. our website (www.papadimasz.gr).

In particular, such information may include:

  • Identification details, such as your first and last name
  • Demographic data, such as gender, date and place of birth, marital status
  • Contact information, such as place of residence, home address and postal code, landline or mobile number, e-mail address, information that you use to appear on social media
  • Electronic identification details during your visit to our website, such as IP address, cookie data, location, type of device through which the connection is made, electronic identification details


2. What is the purpose of the processing?

We process your data for the following purposes:

  • When concluding or executing a contract:
    • To identify you and verify the accuracy of your information
    • To process, the order (management and processing of payment, shipping, return of products)
    • To contact you either at a pre-contractual stage or regarding a concluded contract in order to serve you (availability time when a product has been sold out, any change in the delivery time)
  • In the context of our legal operation, the defense of our interests for the following purposes:
    • To answer your questions, complaints and comments
    • To contact you about your orders and your purchases
    • To inform you, after receiving your relevant consent, for our new products and services (sending mail, sms etc about a new product e.g.)
    • In order to inform you and to participate, after receiving your relevant consent, in our promotional activities (sending messages on social media, for example)
    • To conduct data analysis based on your preferences and transactions, so that our communication with you for information regarding new products, services, reward programs, and in general our promotions, is targeted and in accordance with your trading habits and interests, so as not to burden you with unwanted and unnecessary material.
    • To inform you about distinctions, events, events, in which our Company organizes or participates.
    • To evaluate our activity consistently, to detect any problems in our transactions, in order to improve the Company’s marketing, the environment in which you trade with us as consumers and the services we generally provide.
    • So that we can respond to your requests, your comments and to be able to comply with any of your requests regarding the exercise of your rights
      In case we are going to use the information you give us in other ways, we will inform you at the time of collecting them so that you can accept, deny and provide detailed information.
  • For your benefit:
    • To improve your browsing experience on our products and services online
    • In order to locate, manage and resolve any service issues, technical problems, regarding our services either regarding the physical or regarding our online store.
    • To avoid cyber fraud and other internet related crimes


3. Who can your information be disclosed to?

Your data is collected and processed only by specific employees of our company who are bound by a duty of confidentiality and confidentiality, who are authorized to do so.

Your data may be disclosed to third parties, natural or legal, to whom we are either obliged or entitled to disclose services on our behalf, in accordance with applicable law, national and Community, court decisions, or in the context of our transactional relationship, and specifically in:

  • To companies with the object of providing postal services (eg General Post, ELTA Courier, ACS)
  • To internet consulting and technical support companies of our online store (Rocket Path PC)
  • In companies that collect, automate and promote authentic product reviews
  • In companies providing electronic messages and updates
  • In companies that are active in the electronic search, comparison and evaluation of products and stores
  • In companies that are active in SMS and voice routing services, as well as broadband roaming
  • In companies that provide services for evaluating the use of the site, reporting on its activity, etc. (eg Google Adwords, Google Analytics)
  • Social media (eg Facebook)

In any case we share your personal data with third parties, we do not authorize them to maintain, disclose or use your data with other persons and for purposes other than the purpose of the services we have requested to provide to us.

The company may disclose your personal data to the competent Supervisory, Independent, Police, Judicial and generally Public Authorities, wherever and whenever required by the applicable legal framework, either if a relevant request is submitted or if it is obliged to submit a relevant report without prior comprehensive information.


4. What is the retention period of your data and what happens during the expiration of this period.

We keep your personal information for a period not exceeding 24 months from your last transaction with us in any way (purchase, registration in our services, etc.). In particular, with regard to your personal data relating to the purchase of products, they are retained by us for as long as necessary in order to be consistent with legal obligations (tax, for example) and the general legislation in force. At the end of this period, your data will be completely deleted or anonymously kept in an unrecognizable and identifiable form, so that they can be used in an unrecognizable manner for statistical analyzes that enhance our business planning. Your personal data may be retained for a longer period of time if we cannot delete it for technical reasons.



Our company, complying with the relevant provisions of the new Regulation on the protection of the individual from the processing of personal data is committed to protecting your personal data as it considers that the security of personal data of its customers and / or potential customers is important and integral part of corporate information management. It therefore takes all necessary measures to ensure that your personal data is secured and protected from loss, mishandling, unauthorized access, modification or disclosure.



We are committed to keeping your data up-to-date and accurate, to store and delete it securely, not to collect and maintain data that we do not need, to protect your data from loss, misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure and generally to we ensure the existence of appropriate technical and organizational measures for their protection.



You can practice:

  • the right of access to be informed, at your request, about whether or not your personal data is being processed and in addition to receive a copy and further information about the processing being performed
  • the right to correct your inaccurate personal data or to complete your incomplete personal data
  • the right to delete (“right to forget”) your personal data, provided that their processing is not necessary to pursue the purposes for which they have been collected
  • the right to restrict processing in the event of a dispute as to their accuracy
  • the right to portable your data, ie to receive your data in a structured and commonly used and machine-readable format, as well as the right to transfer such data to another controller
  • the right to object to their processing, as well as the right to ensure human intervention in automated procedures.

In order to exercise your above rights, please submit your request, either by completing and submitting to our employees the specially designed forms available in our physical store, or by sending us a relevant letter to the Company’s postal address (Lamia, Fthiotida, Lamia). 4th km Lamia-Athens PC 35100), or by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address papad_j@otenet.gr with the title of the corresponding right which you exercise and we will examine it and we will answer you in a reasonable time.

In case you consider that you are in any way affected by the protection of your personal data, you can file a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Authority using the above contact details.



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